EuroSpeleo Image’In Festival 2014, 4rd
EuroSpeleo Forum, 9th Edition,
22-24 August 2014, Herculane, Romania

International Contest Regulations

Article 1 – Generalities
The competition is organized during the EuroSpeleo Forum 2014 9th edition, which will take place at Herculane, 22 - 24 August 2014. The contest takes place online on and photo exhibition will be organized during the event in Herculane.
The photos presented during the forum can be used by the Romanian Federation of Speleology (FRS) to promote caving and in other FRS activities without compensating authors. FRS warrants that the name of the authors will be maintained on the reproduced work. The photos will not be used to obtain financial gain for organizers or third parties and copyright lies with the respective authors.

Article 2 - Contest
The competition is opened to all amateur and professional photographers presenting cave and karst-related images. Participation in the competition is free. The European jury will be formed by 5 members that will decide the winners of the competition. The name of the jury members will be revealed during the gala awards.

Competition categories are:

A. – subterranean photography (big speleothems, caves, exploration, caving activities) – maximum 5 images;
A1. - subterranean photography DETAIL (MACRO-like images, speleothems who’s natural size does not exceed the natural dimension of 10 cm) - maximum 5 images;
B. - video essay (endokarst and/or exokarst) - maximum 2 movies or the equivalent of 30 minutes video projection;
C. - video documentary/reportage (endokarst and/or exokarst) - maximum 2 movies or the equivalent of 30 minutes video projection;
D. – slideshow with your own images (endokarst and/or exokarst) - maximum 3 presentations of 20 minutes/presentation. Under a generic name, slideshow means any presentation of still images (computer-based presentations type slideshow);
E. – photo mix/ complex photo manipulation maximum 5 images.

The images from A, A1 and E categories should be sent by e-mail to and must be accompanied by the registration form starting with 20th of June, 2014 (hour 00:01). 
Registration deadlin: 10th of August, 2014 (hour 23:59). Images will be posted on the festival website without giving the names of the authors.

In categories A and A1 will be accepted only images that have undergone minimal processing (refraiming, fix brightness / contrast, color correction). The jury may ask to confirm the original file. (It will not be made ​​known to the public.)

Images will comply with the following parameters: JPEG or JPG format, and must be at least 2000 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 2000 pixels tall (if a vertical image), sRGB color profile.  Authors' names will not be known before the evaluation. Any photo that does not meet the specified technical parameters will not be considered.
The name of the author and the work will be mandatory specified in the movie credits of the entries at B, C and D categories. The entries must be accompanied by the registration form and will be sent in DVD format or *. exe by one of the following digital delivery sites starting with 20th of June, 2014 (hour 00:01). Registration deadline: 10th of August, 2014 (hour 23:59).

The following prizes will be awarded:

The EuroSpeleo Image’In Trophy (for the most valuable work competing at the festival, regardless of the competition category).

The Public Award

First Prize 1 for each category (at least 10 entries/competition category).

Competition entries and their authors will be disqualified in cases when the used photography and filming techniques damaged the integrity of the cave. Competition entries and their authors will be disqualified if they do not hold the copyright or usage. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if it considers that there is no competition in a particular category.
Entries will be judged in the category to which they were submitted by competitors. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if the entries were submitted in a section different from the actual content of the work.
The jury's decisions are final and indisputable.

Article 3 – Exhibition
Each participant may register up to 5 images / category. Participants will be in charge of preparing the photo to be hanged with a solid support at the back, in the exhibition saloon. The organizers will provide logistical support for the festival. Photos must have minimum dimensions between 20x30 cm and maximum 30x45cm. Photos with 1:1 aspect ratio will have the short side of 30 cm. All photos must be framed in frames without glass or mounted on rigid support with clips. Photos should be identical to those sent electronically to the jury. Other works not listed in the contest will not be exhibited.

The photos will be exhibited in the dedicated EuroSpeleo Image’In saloon, during the whole period of the forum in Herculane. The photographers or her/his representatives may get their works back at the end of the forum, 24th of August, starting with 12:00.

Article 4
The organisers of the forum will take the greatest care of the photographs exhibited, but they cannot be held responsiblefor loss, theft or deterioration.

Article 5
This competition presumes the participant’s full acceptance, without reservation to the competition rules.