EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium

EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium – First Edition: August 21st – 24th, 2014
„Organizing the European cave rescue network - present and perspectives''

Fédération Spéléologique Européenne - Euro Speleo Rescue Commission (ESRC)/FSE
Salvaspeo România - Romanian Cave Rescue Association
Spéléo Secours Français  - French Cave Rescue
 Federația Română de Speologie - Romanian Speleological Federation

With the support of the Department for Emergency Situations of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romania

Organizing Committee
Christian Dodelin, Viorel Lascu, Tudor Rus, Robert Kovács, Jean Michel  Vallon,  Tudor Marin, Gheorghe Frățilă, Mihai Besesek, Mihai Baciu, Spencer Coca,  Diana Popa, Istvan Pinter, Ioana Axinte, Lucian Nistor, Bogdan Radu Ciubotărescu, Andreea Cohn, Nagy Iván, Hadrian Borcea

Created in 1990, the Fédération Spéléologique Européenne (FSE; European Speleological Federation) has striven along the years to promote cave rescue activity at the European level.
In 2010, FSE initiates discussions regarding the formation of a commission, and in October of 2012 the FSE General Assembly creates the "Euro Speleo Rescue Commission (ESRC)".
ESRC’s role is that of supporting FSE’s efforts of active promotion of cave rescue activity at a European level. ESRC’s mission is based on the guidelines set forth by the UIS Cave Rescue Commission as well as other conventions that already exist at European and International levels. "Euro Speleo Rescue Commission (ESRC)" is led by Christian Dodelin (France) and consists of: Bernard Tourte (France) – facilitator for education and exchanges; Stanislas Glazar(Slovenia) – in charge of website; Jean Marc Mattlet (Belgium)- in charge of calendar and alerts; Patrick Deriat (Switzerland) – organizer of the UIS and FSE cave rescue reunion to be held in Switzerland - 2015,  Geyer Ernest (Austria) , Alessio Fabbricatore (Italy), Gérald Fanuel (Belgium).
The EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium’s purpose is that of creating main guidelines for the development of a European cave rescue network and its integration in EU politics.

In 2012, the group of organizations of mountain, cave and urban rescue of countries with alpine karst and the mountain and cave rescue groups from the Balkans acknowledged the possibility of having 2 administrative structures at the European level: an independent association, the “European Cave Rescue Association” and/or the creation within EFS of the “Euro Speleo Rescue Commission (ESRC)”.
Apart from its intrinsic importance within the domain of cave rescue, the EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium also presents a good opportunity for positioning the ESRC as regards Decision nr. 2001/792/CE of October 23rd, 2001, Euratom of the European Union Counsel in view of instituting a community mechanism in favor of consolidated cooperation within the wider scope of public protection emergency procedures.

Symposium Objectives
The main objective of the EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium is that of offering caving organizations and emergency procedures services a common platform that leads through dialog to the best means for developing a cave rescue system at the European level.

1. EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium
Period: Friday, August 22nd, 2014, 18.30h - 21.00h
Description:  Round table with active participants from caving organizations and emergency procedures services in cave rescue activities to identify the best means for developing a cave rescue system at the European level.
In charge: Christian Dodelin, Viorel Lascu, Diana Popa, Robert Kovács, Istvan Pinter, Tudor Marin, Ioana Axinte, Bogdan Radu Ciubotărescu
Organizers: Euro Speleo Rescue Commission (ESRC)/FSE and  Salvaspeo Romania.
2. lnternational Demonstration Exercise
Period: Thursday, August 21st, 2014, 10.00h - 14.00h
Locațion: Danube Straights- Ponicova Cave (44°35'42.9"N, 22°15'39.7"E, Access Map Ponicova)
Description: A complex exercise, implicating international teams made up of experienced rescue personnel. The alleged victim will be saved from the submerged portion of the Danube and transported through the cave to the highway where it will be received by the medical team.
In charge: Tudor Rus, Mihai Besesek, Lucian Nistor
Organizer:  Technical Department of  Salvaspeo Romania.
3. Underwater Cave Rescue Demonstration
Period: Thursday, August 21st,  2014, 17.00h - 18.00h
Locațion: DN6 Highway – Reservoir lake Cerna-Baile Herculane
Description: A showcase exercise to be performed by an underwater cave rescue team in the presence of public and press representatives.
In charge: Mihai Baciu, Robert Kovács, Spencer Coca, Andreea Cohn, Nagy Iván
Organizers: The Cave Diving Commission of Salvaspeo Romania aided by Spéléo Secours Français.
4. Exhibition and Stands
Period: August 21st – 24th, 2014
Description: Showcase stands of national and international organizations that are active in the field of cave rescue; poster type displays of participating countries; demos of innovations in the field of cave rescue; cave rescue related photo exhibition, etc.
In charge: Gheorghe Frățilă, Diana Popa, Ioana Axinte
Organizers: Salvaspeo Romania and the Romanian Speleological Federation.
5. Izverna Underwater Cave Rescue Training - Post EuroSpeleo Forum activity
Period: August 25th – 31st, 2014
Description: Organized in partnership by Spéléo Secours Français and Salvaspeo Romania – the Underwater Cave Rescue Commission at Izverna Cave. Training exercises for Romanian cave rescue divers.
In charge: Jean Michel  Vallon,  Tudor  Marin, Mihai Baciu, Robert Kovács

Sign-Up Sheet
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